Hello! I'm Kathryn, but most people end up calling me Kat.

I'm a Copywriter with a seriously higgledy-piggledy background. I've worked on all kinds of

projects for dozens of industries, a multitude of clients and a handful of agencies, meaning

I wield a solid set of skills in all sorts of writerly realms. 

Whatever you need: short or long form copy, scripts, manifestos, emails, blogs, tag-lines,

social posts, web copy, OOH, apps, conceptual thinking - heck, you name it, I do it. 

I also flippin' love getting under the skin of a brand; tone of voice is my absolute favourite.

Drop me an email to see examples of my branding and strategic writing. 

I also write poetry. Yes, most of it sucks.


If you're interested in re-vamping your brand or creating the foundations for a whole new project, get in touch, and I'll show you what I do best.

"Here are a few reasons to work with this incredibly talented woman:

She's sharp, gets the brief quickly and dives in straight away.

She's a pro, hits the ground running on a large scale task in a matter of days if not hours.

She writes poetry disguised as corporate manifestos, guidelines, functional copy.

She's charming, clicks within the team in no time always with a smile on her face.

She's reliable, gets the job done at top standard, without any hand holding.

...If you are still doubting, just don't.


Thank you, Kathryn for all your hard work, we'll hopefully work together again soon"

-Creative Director (friend & teammate) at R/GA London