Professional Kathryn


Hello! I'm Kathryn, but most people end up calling me Kat. I've been a Copywriter now for seven years. I've worked on all kinds of projects for dozens of industries, a multitude of clients and a handful of agencies. Writing has always been my thing, so I'm chuffed to have a job which allows me to scribble away every day. It's truly brilliant.

I pride myself on being able to write both short and long form copy: scripts, emails, social posts, web copy, OOH, apps, skills - heck, you name it.


I also love getting under the skin of a brand while working on strategic pieces; tone of voice is my absolute favourite. Please do email me to see an example of my strategic writing. 

Unprofessional Kathryn

I like to imagine that I've been blessed (or cursed) with a slightly dark sense of humour, (though obscure internet culture and toilet humour is in no way above me). I adore fellow cynics and heavily relate to self-conscious Woody Allen types.


I live in a bubble of music from the 1960s and 70s, cherish my northern roots  and love the moody tones of Mark Knopfler's National guitar more than cake. Well, not carrot cake obviously, but most other cake.