We then arranged a photoshoot to give creative visual instructions to accompany Alexa's spoken guidance.

Art direction took on a minimalist approach featuring brand colours and a bold, surreal arrangement. 

Alexa x Grey Goose Vodka

The Sipping Room

Bacardi wanted to bring a new Alexa Skill to market in collaboration with Bacardi's Grey Goose Vodka. 

We created The Sipping Room. An Alexa Skill that brings the bar to your living room. Users could learn to make their favourite vodka cocktails with Alexa's expert mixologist direction.  

Two main scripts were written for the Skill.

The first script was a functional Alexa script which was meticulously planned to follow a UX 'happy path', directing the user through age gates, welcoming them and activating different functions. 

The second was a script designed to give Alexa a personality beyond your usual subservient home assistant. Jokes and phrases saw Alexa serving sass and cocktails in equal measure.