Briefs I've worked on

We've all done them. Those tasks that agencies set before an interview. We anticipate them with excitement and dread, but regardless of the end result, we put our hearts and souls into them because we care and pride ourselves on our work. Well, I do at least. So here are a few that I'm particularly proud of.


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Irish whiskey brand Jamesons wanted to re-vamp their social media presence with a new campaign and a years worth of social content to bring the brand to life and engage the audience like never before. Meanwhile, Scottish whisky brand Ballantines wanted a few social media statuses in their TOV around current affairs. 

Costa Coffee wanted to attract Baristas to their cafes by highlighting the real difference between working in Costa compared to any other coffee shop.

A Nando's brief that I did for fun. I imagined that the client wanted to bring people's attention to the possibility of working at Nando's by making them aware of the different roles within the franchise. My piece would sit on the table top as a little quiz that the customer can fill out whilst waiting for their meal.