Before the day of shooting, I worked alongside an art director to plan out key shots to take. Each scenario had to feature the watch as the focus of the shot, while also being exemplary of the lavishly bold Italian lifestyle which framed the campaign.


On the day, I art directed and assisted the set designer in creating a magical, floral table display complete with overhanging plants and greenery. 

I helped to direct our photographer Dean Martindale, encouraging the influencers to pose so that their jewellery was in plain view of the camera, ensuring a great shot.


The Italian Difference

To showcase Bvlgari's high jewellery watches, we orchestrated an elaborate dinner party photoshoot to create beautiful, naturally curated content for social. 

Set at a reputable Italian restaurant in Farringdon, social influencers were dressed decoratively in masquerade ball outfits and Bvlgari jewellery. The concept celebrated Italian culture and the savoured, slow-paced style in which Italians live and dine - on their time. 

I then wrote social copy for twenty different shots which displayed each watch. This was a great opportunity to have fun and play with the sassy Bvlgari tone.