London Eye - Valentines Campaign 2015

When it was announced that The London Eye required new creative for their 2015 Valentines campaign, I couldn’t wait to start spinning some heart-felt ideas, (excuse the pun). 

My inspiration came from the often lyrically articulated notion that love takes you higher (higher and higher), lifts you up (where you belong), and becomes such a feeling that (my love) I get high, (I get high). The outcome:


High on Love

This Valentines Weekend, take your love to new heights.


With all parties happy with the line which both related to the view and the romantically lyrical theme, all would have been well. However, The London Eye’s recently acquired sponsor Coca Cola liked the line less on account of their concern that ‘getting high’ might have somewhat negative connotations to their brand


…And so my line was pulled. and the client decided to create their own line: ‘Love all around’.

Still, at least I managed to save this little banner ad.