Horseshoe Bay & King Street


Architectural giants Westbank have been busy in Canada. Creating the most beautiful residential and business buildings, Westbank's creations tap into new age, environmental design with tasteful nods to eras gone. 

To gain awareness of their newest developments in Toronto and Vancouver, they wanted some tasteful print ads to inspire people to register interest in a new condominium. 

Copy for these beautifully modern OOH ads needed to be straight-forward, enticing and descriptive, but easily digestible. 

King, King St, Toronto.

King Street, Toronto will be transformed once Westbank complete the build of its architectural masterpiece 'King'. Inspired by the 1967's Habitat 67 in Montreal, King promises to offer a new, eco-friendly and holistic approach to urban living for Toronto inhabitants. 









Please note, the blocky typeface was not chosen by me, or anyone at AKQA, actually. I'm aware it's super ugly.

Horseshoe Bay, Vancouver


Horseshoe Bay is a tranquil residential community set against a stunning natural backdrop. Westbank wanted to raise awareness of these gorgeous condos, illustrating and describing the peaceful surrounding environment.